Remnants of Moldova. Interview with Dorin Goian

The Moldovan based photographer, Dorin Goian recently started working on a long-term project called Remnants focusing on the depopulation of Moldovan villages. Goian documents the life of the remaining inhabitants and the remnants of the villages that are becoming more and more abandoned and empty due to the difficult economic situation of the country.


Introducing the acb Gallery

Acb Gallery is a Budapest based art gallery founded in 2003. Its mission is to represent contemporary art and Hungarian neo-avant-garde art, both in the Hungarian and in the international art scene. With the artistic director of acb Gallery, Orsolya Hegedüs we talked about the evolvement of the gallery, the role of the acb ResearchLab, the perspectives of the Hungarian contemporary art and about their plans for 2016.

Stories from the Left Bank. Interview with Ramin Mazur

Ramin Mazur is a photojournalist and documentary photographer based in Chisinau, Moldova. Using photography as a tool he observes the everyday life in those Eastern European countries that are still in transition and he makes an attempt to tell the stories of people living in these regions. The main characters of his recent series called the Left Bank are the inhabitants of his birth place, Transnistria, the unrecognized presidential republic situated on the left bank of Dniester.

The Library of the Chosen Ones

P.R. group is a Budapest based collective of young artists founded by two Hungarian artists, Virág Bogyó and Csilla Hódi. Using the tools of humor and irony P.R. group focuses on current social issues, discourses and cultural traditions creating awareness raising actions, public interventions or offering amusing solutions for the problems. Their recent project called The Library of the Chosen Ones presents a selection of various printed matters that have the expression ‘the chosen one(s)’ in their title.

Nature v2.0 Nucleu 0004

Established in 2014 Nucleu 0000 group works as a platform for young artists who aim to understand what art means as an object of consumerism, environment and way of life. The group provides possibility for dedicated young artists to present their works in public and to create outreach of the presence of young artists on the art market. On the occasion of the group's fourth exhibition, Nature v2.0 Nucleu 0004 we asked Gabriela Mateescu, the organizer of the group to evaluate the last two years of Nucleu 0000.

Introducing the Visual Culture Research Center

Established in 2008 as a platform for collaboration between artists, activists and academics the Visual Culture Research Center (VCRC) plays an important role on the contemporary art and cultural field of Ukraine. We talked with Vasyl Cherepanyn, the Head of the Center and an editor of the “Political Critique” magazine about the transforming mission of the Center, its involvement in the Maidan and in the biennial and about its future plans and perspectives.

Interview with Ovidiu Anton

The Vienna based artist Ovidiu Anton spent a month in frame of KIOSK art residency program of Young Artists Association Oberliht in the Moldovan capital, Chisinau. We asked him about his experiences in discovering the public space of the city.

SMALL TALK with Ghenadie Popescu

The Chisinau based visual artist, Ghenadie Popescu uses different mediums and wide range of materials and objects with symbolic meanings to create his aesthetically fascinating and intellectually electrifying works.

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