SMALL TALK with Ghenadie Popescu

Plastic plaid market bags transformed into a suit, puppets with wheelbarrow hands, everyday objects made from polenta: these are just some elements of the compelling world of the Chisinau based visual artist, Ghenadie Popescu. In his artistic practice Popescu uses different mediums, such as performance, installation or animation and a wide range of materials and objects with symbolical meanings to create his aesthetically fascinating and intellectually electrifying works. Through these artworks he expresses his criticism of neo-liberal capitalism and the society, which leaves the individual alone with his struggles approaching the topic in a humorous and playful way.



Kinga Lendeczki: When was the first time you thought about becoming an artist?

Ghenadie Popescu: I do not remember if I have ever had such thoughts. My interest and first attempts in, let’s say, visual art field were in my late twenties.


K.L. Do you have a painting/sculpting or other specific working routine?

G.P. My working routine is quite chaotic. I do not have so much time for regular working routines, like painting, making sculptures, etc.

Arcul de Triumf, 2010, Chisinau, Moldova.

K.L. Where and when do you work the best?

G.P. No any deadline, no expectations.


K.L. What music helps you to work?

G.P. I prefer listen to the radio or an audio book. It makes me feel not being alone when I am working and at the same time these kinds of background noises are distant enough not to influence my practice. Music requires much more attention. It makes me stop working.


K.L. How do you relax?

G.P. When I have a terrible hangover and I feel like a boiled cucumber. That is the time for relaxation.

The VIP Mattock.

K.L. What is your current favourite material/colour etc?

G.P. I am using different stuffs and I appreciate each of them for their own peculiarity. Wood is kind and has a pleasant smell, metal is responsive, paper is patient, words are impressive, the camera’s viewfinder is an amazing tool for following up the time in space…


K.L. Who are your artistic influences?

G.P. There are many people and things that influence me; it would be hard to point at particularly someone or something.


K.L. What does it mean to be an artist?

G.P. No idea.

From the animation Camenca river, august, 2014.

K.L. How would you earn your living if you had to give up being an artist?

G.P. I earn my living with different things. Artistic activities are just one part of it and they are not the biggest support for me. If I can choose I prefer doing something in daylight.


K.L. What kind of art works would you show your own children to introduce them to art?

G.P. I would begin with prehistoric art – it is breathtaking and at some point it is clear for all ages.


K.L. What is the last remarkable thing you saw?

G.P. I should admit that I haven’t seen anything remarkable recently, just friendly routines.


The article was originally published on 29 September, 2015 on ArtGuideEast.




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